WiFi Grabber Solves WiFi Connectivity Issues Instantly

WiFi connections are all around us, but if you’ve ever tried to access the free WiFi at a local restaurant or in the furthest corner of your house, you’ve likely run into trouble. The signal is there, but your laptop just can’t latch on.

WiFi Grabber to the rescue!

WiFi Grabber™ is  an ultra high-powered WiFi adapter that solves WiFi connectivity issues. It works by combining the highest output power available with a high gain antenna for pulling in those hard to receive access points.

 High gain antenna multiplies power 4 times

The antenna built into the lid of computers is typically a wire wrapped around the screen that wastes power by sending the signal out in every direction, including into the ground. Wifi Grabber harnesses this lost power by focusing it into a horizontal cloud that increases output power by 4 times.

WiFi Grabber signal footprint

WiFi Grabber’s 1000 miliwatts of power, ultra sensitive receiver and high gain antenna create a large and reliable signal footprint

Larger signal footprint for reliable WiFi

WiFi Grabber also has an ultra sensitive receiver that coupled with the high gain antenna pulls in those distant and hard to receive access points or makes nearby reception faster and more reliable.

WiFi Grabber pulls in more access points more reliably

Here’s the proof. Compare these two Wireless Connection Reports. The difference is obvious.


A typical computer on the left — WiFi Grabber on the right.